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ScheduleNow™ is now live on ExamOne Superior Solutions

We are excited to announce that all users are automatically enabled to use the ScheduleNow features on the ExamOne Superior Solutions website.* ScheduleNow will replace the traditional pre-set appointment workflow and will allow agents and case managers to schedule confirmed mobile appointments in real- time. 

ScheduleNow uses a real-time examiner availability appointment calendar and can identify exam time based on applicant's appointment address. Using this tool can reduce turnaround time significantly versus the conventional “blind preset” appointment method in place by many paramedical vendors today.

How ScheduleNow works

1. Once the appointment address of the applicant is entered into the order, ScheduleNow populates a real-time calendar with the availability of any mobile examiner who covers the applicant’s zip code

The user selects the desired date and time to reserve the applicant’s appointment.

Once the order is submitted, the ScheduleNow appointment is reserved with the assigned examiner.

What ScheduleNow means 

  • For applicants -Minimized scheduling interactions with the applicant, lower chance of late or no-show appointments, and an overall better experience.
  • For you - Faster scheduling results in reduced buyer's remorse and improved completion percentage.


For more info

Contact your ExamOne Account Representative today to learn more about how ScheduleNow works and what it can do for your business.

*ScheduleNow is available for website users and iPipeline Agency Integrator users. If you are interested in activating ScheduleNow on your AMS or system-to-system integration, please contact your sales representatives.   

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